Where do I start….

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This is something that I have craved and dreaded for the longest time.  I purchased this domain name about 3 years ago with so much passion, ideas, and excitement but equally matched my so much fear, anxiousness, and self doubt.  I let the fear win and avoided writing not even on this page but also not even writing in my journal.  Some days I told myself my thoughts were not important, others they were too much to put into words.  But I want(need) to fight that voice inside my head so here I am.

Some times (most of the times) I feel alone in my feelings and thoughts.  I feel out of place in the college culture here in Boston and have yet to find really anyone who feels the same.  Maybe I’m not alone in these feelings and I hope in sharing and expanding on these thoughts and feelings, maybe someone will not feel alone in them either.

So here is to facing fear head on and chasing a passion.

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